Established in 1986, Plug-In is a production company based in Tokyo and L.A.

The company has collaborated on a number of international theatrical and video / film projects with producers and artists from Europe, Russia, the United States and Japan.

In 2004, they produced JAPAN: MEMOIRS OF A SECRET EMPIRE, a three part film series on samurai and shoguns which was nominated for an IDA Award - Limited Series.

They are now in production on a documentary entitled GOING BACK TO ROOTS and in development on a two part HD series, SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET, which they will co-produce with NHK (Japan).

Bilingual productions services are also available for theatrical, television and film productions in Japan.

Established as ArrowBee Concept in 1986 by Deborah Ann DeSnoo.
The company name was changed in June of 2001.

PLUG-IN Produces and directs multimedia entertainment events ranting from symposiums to international circus extravaganzas, offers bilingual production management services for theatrical,film and television productions and provides consulting services to the entertainment community.

PLUG-IN has produced and directed entertainment events for such prestigious clients as Dentsu,Toyota Corporation, Yamaha,Fujita construction, Sagami Kimono, Philip Morris, Tokyo City Race Track, Yves Sans Laurent, Asahi Kasei, the City of Tokyo and the Japanese Government.

In 1997 PLUG-IN was hired to create,direct and produce DREAM ANGEL,a musical circus extravaganza with performers from the Moscow Art Circus and clowns and dancers and singers from all over the world. Sponsored by the Asahi Shinbun,Television Asahi,and the Sports Shinbun,this event attracted audiences exceeding a half million people.

PLUG-IN has provided film and television production services for HBO,PBS and various independent filmmakers and artists who have filmed in Japan as well as producing and directing SUMIDA HAS HEART,a digital video for Sumida ku and ANATA NO OKONOMIWA,a digital video for an interactive performance piece at the Striped Museum. At the present time, PLUG-IN is producing at three part documentary film series with Lyn Goldfarb Productions in association with PBS and DDE entitled Japan : Memoirs of a Secret Empire. This series is scheduled for world release after June 2003.

PLUG-IN Crane River produces original theater and offers performing and creative workshops for actors,artists and businessmen.